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What is Community Action?

In 1964 the Federal Government created The "Economic Opportunity Act". Within that act, was the following statement, "It is now therefore the policy of the United States to eliminate the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty by opening to everyone the opportunity for education, training, opportunity to work, and the opportunity to live in decency and dignity".
Community Action Agencies (CAA's) were created all across the Nation, and very quickly became front-line troops fighting the 'War Against Poverty: All CAA's are not identical. They are created and designed locally to address local issues and problems, with locally devised solutions.


Who is Crosswalk CAA?

Crosswalk CAA Mission Statement: Work for the elimination of poverty or the cause or causes of poverty through greater employment opportunities improving human performances, motivation, and productivity. CCAA will strive to better conditions in which people live, learn, and work and incorporate any other services that will result in the social and economic development of the area encompassed by CCAA.
Crosswalk Community Action Agency was created on January 1, 2000, as the result of the consolidation of Big Muddy Community Action Agency and Volunteer Services Incorporated. The Board of Directors of BMCAA and VSI determined that services to clients could only be improved if the two organizations, who already had very similar missions, joined forces. Crosswalk CAA is a private not for profit corporation dedicated to eliminate the causes and effects of poverty, by improving the conditions in which people live, work and learn.

What Does Crosswalk CAA Do?

Crosswalk CAA administers a variety of programs which assist low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families. The intent is to provide services that promote and improve the level of self sufficiency, while at the same time, addressing day to day needs.
Who is Eligible for Assistance?
Eligibility for Crosswalk assistance and services is generally based upon household income. CCAA receives funding from a variety of state and federal sources, and the income eligibility level differs among the programs.
What Specific Programs are Available?
The Crosswalk programs include:

  • Energy Assistance
  • Home Repair
  • Rehabilitation and Weatherization
  • Emergency Services
  • Homeless Prevention Services
  • Small Business Loans
  • Scholarships
For more information, visit the Other Services page.


How Do I Contact Crosswalk?

Call us at 618-937-3581 or visit the Contact Us page.



Crosswalk Community Action Agency is an equal opportunity provider and employer.