Emergency Services

Helping low-income people develop the skills, knowledge and motivation to achieve self-sufficiency.

COMMUNITY SERVICES BLOCK GRANT (CSBG) — This program provides a range of services which assist low-income people to attain the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. The program may also offer low-income people immediate life necessities such as food, shelter, etc. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity administers the CSBG Program in accordance with federal law and the Illinois Economic Opportunity Act.

RENTAL/MORTGAGE ASSISTANCEEmergency Service Rental/Mortgage Assistance has funding to assist families in Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, and Williamson Counties who are past due on their rent or mortgage payments and are in danger of becoming homeless or are homeless due to a recent financial crisis affecting their ability to pay housing costs. Learn more >>

SCHOLARSHIPS Crosswalk Scholarships are funded by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program. The scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to low-income and disadvantaged persons of high academic attainment or potential. These scholarships can be used to provide formal education or occupational training at an accredited institution, with particular consideration given to fields of study in high technology areas or other growth occupations. In addition to the scholarship program, Crosswalk also provides tuition for Truck Driver Training. For more information, please call the Crosswalk CSBG Scholarship Staff.

EMERGENCY SERVICES — The Emergency Services program is funded from a number of different sources and is intended to provide onetime only assistance to individuals and households who are truly experiencing an emergency situation and who are in need of immediate life necessities, such as shelter, food, etc. We also have limited funds available for emergency home repairs with a maximum grant of $900.00 per family, to help pay for small emergency repairs. Outreach sites for emergency services are available in all four counties. For more information, contact the Crosswalk Emergency Service Staff.

FOOD PANTRYCrosswalk Food Pantry is a key component, providing support to the most vulnerable individuals and families in our Franklin County community. At the food pantry, we are dedicated to helping people who are struggling with hunger and its underlying issues. We offer food and supportive services within an environment of caring and respect for human dignity and diversity. We help those we serve to turn life’s challenges into opportunities, to improve their lives and to find new hope.

DIAPER PROGRAM — Diapers can be a major expense for low income families with babies or toddlers. Money to pay for diapers must come from the family’s budget, because diapers are not available from family assistance programs like WIC, and are not an allowed purchase with SNAP food stamps. If families do not have enough diapers, their babies may suffer health problems or be turned away from child care. Families may have to choose between diapers, which can cost up to $150 per month, and food. With the Covered Bottoms Diaper Program, we can provide diapers to low income families. For more information, contact the Crosswalk Emergency Service Staff.

Community Services Block Grant
2024 Income Guidelines

1 $2,510
2 $3,407
3 $4,303
4 $5,200
5 $6,097
6 $6,993
7 $7,890
8 $8,787
For families with more than 8 persons, add $896 for each additional person for yearly amounts.