Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

For many Illinois households, energy costs place a severe and continuing stress on the family’s budget. In some instances, the household is forced to make painful decisions regarding which bills to pay and which necessities to go without. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to help low-income households pay for winter energy services. The amount of assistance received is determined by a number of factors, including number of people in the home, household income, type of fuel used for heating and geographic location. An over-due bill or shut-off notice is not required. Emergency assistance is also available if the household is disconnected from any energy source needed for heating and/or a delivered fuel supplier has refused to deliver and the tank contains 25% or less. Any questions should be directed to the Crosswalk Energy Assistance Staff.


Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible to receive assistance under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program if your household’s gross income is at or below LIHEAP’s income guideline levels. To qualify, you must also be the Customer of Record (COR) at your utility company. If you rent, and your heat and/or electric is included in the rent, then your rent must be greater than 30 percent of your income in order to be eligible to receive benefits.


How to Apply:

We serve Franklin, Jefferson, and Williamson County for Energy Assistance (LIHEAP).

2024 Program Year will run:

          October 2, 2023 to August 15, 2024, or until funding is exhausted.

There WILL be priority groups this program year:

October – ONLY, Elderly/Disabled/Families with children 5 and under

          (Connected or Disconnected Households)

November – Disconnected Households

December – All other eligible Households (Open Enrollment)

We will be taking applications “Remotely – Over the Phone” from the Main Office.

To apply for Energy Assistance you will need to go to our website – www.crosswalkcaa.com to schedule an appointment.

You will need to have the following documents ready to confirm eligibility with Crosswalk, when the intake worker calls:

  •  Social security numbers for ALL household members
  • Proof of GROSS income of ALL household members for the past 30 day period
  • Current heat and/or electric bill
  • Other documentation may be requested

You will have several options available to submit your documentation to Crosswalk. (E-mail; Fax; Mail; or our Drop Box) This will be discussed when intake calls to do the application.

Notification of Approval:
Crosswalk CAA will determine if you are eligible based on the information you provided. You will be notified by the funding source in Springfield of your eligibility status and the amount of assistance you will receive within 30 days from the date your application is complete. Crosswalk CAA will also notify your energy provider of the amount of assistance you will receive if you have an energy bill.

If you are eligible, Crosswalk CAA will make the appropriate payment to your energy provider(s) on your behalf.


Note: Crosswalk CAA administers the LIHEAP in Franklin, Jefferson, and Williamson Counties. For Jackson County, please call Western Egyptian Economic Opportunity Council, in Steeleville, at (618) 965-9031

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program 2024 Income Guidelines

1 $2,430
2 $3,287
3 $4,143
4 $5,000
5 $5,857
6 $6,713
7 $7,570
8 $7,775
11 $8,282
For families with more than 18 persons, add $643 for each additional person.